As part of society, interacting with others and businesses is common, often involving verbal and written agreements. Each signed document becomes integral, requiring legality to safeguard rights and limit liabilities. Without consulting a Legal Drafting Lawyer in Gurgaon and Delhi, individuals may face difficulties signing legal documents without clarity on crucial questions.

Type of Document Rate Add Quantity
Rent Agreement Rs 300/-
Lease Rent Agreement Rs 1,000/-
Sale Deed Rs 1,000/-
Gift Deed Rs 1,000/-
Relinquish Deed Rs 1,000/-
Sale Agreement Rs 1,000/-
Partnership Deed Rs 1,500/-
General Power of Attorney Rs 1,000/-
Supply Document Rs 750/-
Franchise Document Rs 2,500/-
Will Deed Rs 1,500/-
Society / Trust Deed Rs 1,500/-
Memorandum of Article [MOA] Rs 750/-
Article of Association [AOA] Rs 750/-
Letter of Intent [LOI] Rs 750/-
Settlement Deed Rs 1,500/-
Non-Disclosure Agreement Rs 1,500/-
Partition Deed Rs 1,500/-
Reviewing / Redefining of Contracts Rs 5,000/-
Rectification & Modification of Deeds Rs 5,000/-
Service Contracts Rs 5,000/-
Independent Contractor Agreement Rs 1,500/-
Memorandum of Understanding [MOU] Rs 5,000/-
Loan Documents for Single Private Lender Rs 25,000/-
Loan Documents for multiple Private Lenders Rs 50,000/-
Joint Venture Documents Rs 50,000/-
Special Power of Attorney Rs 1,500/-
Power of Attorney Related to Land Rs 1,500/-

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