As part of Society, you need to interact with other people / businesses on regular basis. While interacting with them, you do execute verbal and written agreements / contracts on regular basis. Any agreement/ contract once executed by you becomes an integral part of your life. Thus, it is utmost important to ensure that each document signed by you should be legally sound to protect your rights and restrict your liabilities. People tend to fall in difficult situations, if they sign legal documents without getting answers to following questions:

  1. Whether the document has fair terms?
  2. Whether your rights are protected?
  3. Whether you have adequate coverage for your intellectual property?
  4. Whether key terms of the deal are enforceable in court?

Further, nobody likes reading contracts as they tend to contain language that is confusing and hard to interpret. “Law At Ease™” is there to do it all for you. You can get drafted any of the following documents with unlimited amendments to suit your personal / business needs:

Type of Document Rate Add Quantity
Rent Agreement Rs 300/-
Lease Rent Agreement Rs 1,000/-
Sale Deed Rs 1,000/-
Gift Deed Rs 1,000/-
Relinquish Deed Rs 1,000/-
Sale Agreement Rs 1,000/-
Partnership Deed Rs 1,500/-
General Power of Attorney Rs 1,000/-
Supply Document Rs 750/-
Franchise Document Rs 2,500/-
Will Deed Rs 1,500/-
Society / Trust Deed Rs 1,500/-
Memorandum of Article [MOA] Rs 750/-
Article of Association [AOA] Rs 750/-
Letter of Intent [LOI] Rs 750/-
Settlement Deed Rs 1,500/-
Non-Disclosure Agreement Rs 1,500/-
Partition Deed Rs 1,500/-
Reviewing / Redefining of Contracts Rs 5,000/-
Rectification & Modification of Deeds Rs 5,000/-
Service Contracts Rs 5,000/-
Independent Contractor Agreement Rs 1,500/-
Memorandum of Understanding [MOU] Rs 5,000/-
Loan Documents for Single Private Lender Rs 25,000/-
Loan Documents for multiple Private Lenders Rs 50,000/-
Joint Venture Documents Rs 50,000/-
Special Power of Attorney Rs 1,500/-
Power of Attorney Related to Land Rs 1,500/-

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