Hire An Advocate

Are you searching for an Advocate to file your case in Court and appear and argue in court in support of your claim? If Yes, please try to answer following questions to yourself:

  1. How much time does it take you to find an advocate?
  2. How do you ensure that the Advocate you are planning to hire is specialist in your subject matter?
  3. How do you confirm that the Advocate is not over-charging you for his services?
  4. How do you make sure that your advocate is giving proper attention and time to your case?
  5. What would you do if you get a doubt that your advocate is connived with opposite party or his advocate?
  6. What if, your advocate dies during course of your court case?


If you hire an Advocate for your case through “Law At Ease™”, none of the above questions remain unanswered:

  1. You need to share your case details with us and we will identify a bunch of Advocates who specialize in your matter.
  2. We seek independent quotes from each of the eligible specialist Advocates through our competitive bidding system to ensure best services at below market rates for you.
  3. We continuously monitor performance of your allotted Advocate. In case, we find the advocate is not giving adequate time/ attention to your case, we’ll replace the advocate with a new equally competent advocate without any charge/ fee from you.
  4. In case you get a doubt about that your advocate has connived with the opposite party or his advocate, do reach out to us and we’ll replace the advocate free of cost.
  5. In case your advocate dies during course of your court case, we will provide you a new advocate free of charge.

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