Employment and Labour Disputes

If you are struggling with your Boss / Employer and not able to find out a way to come out of the stressful situation, all you need to do is just to reach to “Law At Ease™” to protect your rights related to any of the following matters:

  1. Sexual Harassment Complaints.
  2. Issues Related to Payment of Bonus / Maternity Benefits.
  3. Illegal / Wrongful Termination.
  4. Compensation/Claims from Employer.
  5. Breach of Employment Contract.
  6. Labour Union Matters.
  7. Suspension and Termination from Central Govt/ State Govt /PSU Services.

Further, if you are running a small/ mid-size business and don’t have access to battery of advocates which normally big conglomerates have, you can reach out to “Law At Ease™” for any type of Employee related legal assistance.

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