Matrimonial / Family Disputes

Have your ever encountered a situation with our spouse or other family member wherein you need immediate legal advice maintaining confidentially of the matter. In case of exigencies, it is difficult to find an Advocate who specializes in Matrimonial/ Family matters and who can keep your matter confidential.

“Law At Ease™” provides end-to-end solution to come out of such type of difficult and emotional situations by reducing your stress, protecting your rights and minimizing negative impact on your children, if any, involved. We specialize in all Matrimonial/ Family disputes including following:

  1. Domestic Violence
  2. Restitution of Conjugal Rights [Enforcement of Marriage Related Rights]
  3. Dowry cases
  4. Divorce / Talaq
  5. Mutual Divorce
  6. Divorce Notice
  7. Marriage Counseling
  8. Family Partition
  9. Will Drafting
  10. Alimony/ Maintenance
  11. Child Support
  12. Child Custody
  13. Adoption and Guardianship

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