Business and Banking Disputes

As per various market surveys, it is observed that majority of small and mid-size businesses are prone to risk of frivolous lawsuits. Even a single suit filed against them, can drain out huge cashflow from their business and also divert promoter’s energy from business growth to litigation resolution.

As prevention is always better then cure, before signing any contract with your Customers, Vendors, Bank [s] and Other Third Parties, do avail our Legal Advisory Services and get all your draft Agreement/ Contracts approved by our experienced Advocates to safeguard your rights and interests to reduce probability of future litigation.

Even if you find yourself into a sticky situation that involves an agreement/ contract, you just need to contact “Law At Ease™” to get advice about your rights and to decide the next best steps.

In addition, we provide specialized services on following matters:

  1. Sec 138 Cheque Bounce Cases.
  2. Bank NPA SARFAESI & DRT Cases.
  3. Insolvency and Bankruptcy Cases under IBC.
  4. Banking Fraud Cases.
  5. Reply to Bank Legal Notice.

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